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Echoes of the Gods
(A Punarjanman Novel)

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Gaia Sol lives with her husband in Toronto, Canada. Her adventures in creative writing began with a 9K-word story in 2013, as a much-needed diversion from her day job in finance and technology.


Over the next three years, she wrote longer and bolder stories that explored her love of myths and legends—from Camelot to Robin Hood to the Holy Land—and even the parallelism of ancient mythologies. That last one eventually became Echoes of the Gods which she published under the pen name "Gaia Sol" to combine the Greek and Norse mythological equivalents of the Sanskrit meanings of her real name and surname (she was very pleased when she came up with it).


She's now researching India's myths, cultural past and heritage to plot her next story. If her muse cooperates, she will publish that novel sometime this decade.


(A Punarjanman Novel)


Peace has endured in Yggdrasil since Loki, prophesied nemesis of the gods, was captured. And wardens, like Yngvi, are entrusted with the essential, but mundane, duty of ensuring he stays imprisoned. Seeking other avenues of excitement, fancy-free Yngvi sets his sights on a beautiful young stranger in Midgard. But when Loki breaks free, unleashing his ruin on Asgard, and Yngvi is framed for his release, the usually easygoing young soldier realises how fragile the peace really was.

Shara, the enigmatic stranger, appears to have a perturbing connection to Loki, and to the circumstances of Yngvi’s disgrace. Yngvi confronts Shara and learns that an insidious killer is behind the fall of Asgard, and that Shara alone may hold the key to redemption. Realising that they can help each other, the two men embark on a quest across the stars, onto strange new worlds and into perilous encounters with new gods, monsters…and their own conflicting feelings.

As they close in on their common enemy, Yngvi and Shara must face the frailty of their fledgling bond, and of life itself—because their choices have consequences greater than they ever imagined—as they unravel the shocking past that threatens the future of every world.

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Rainbow Book Reviews

5 STARS on Goodreads

Stories that take old legends, existing mythologies, or well-known characters and weave them into a new world with a unique tale are among my favorite kind. So when I first read the blurb for this novel - with its mention of Midgard, renegade gods, shocking secrets, and a quest for vengeance – I was intrigued. The trip across the stars that is mentioned is actually a journey to various realms, and while I had sort of expected science fiction (my mistake, I know), this novel turned out to firmly rooted in the land of fantasy and various pantheons of gods. The author took me on a trip from Midgard to Aegyptus and Graecia, Nibiru played a significant role, and the characters pulled me into their struggle within the first few pages. With excellent worldbuilding and an exciting world like this – what can go wrong?

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